Wednesday, May 25

Mems Day Weekend

Have a ball.

Cults - Go Outside
Brothertiger - Feel
Robyn - Dancing on My Own (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
Really nice work.  Might be too poppy for you, but I give him credit for laying it over some serious dub fundamentals.  Sleek.  Its the kind of song you can listen to when girls are in the car.
Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em
Sorry for the volume in your face, but I really like the solo with the whammy pedal effect at 2 minutes.

Head here and here to legally download these tracks for free.

Tuesday, May 24

Mickey Smith

What do you think it is about the ocean that is so inspiring?

"That it is in perpetual motion,with a constant flow of energy moving through it,and has so many moods and faces.  It's a positive environment for me,it clears my head and heart."
                                                                                                       -Mickey Smith
Mickey Smith is a British surf photographer with a soul that is capable of capturing the beauty and fierceness of the ocean while showcasing how minute a few surfers are on the corner of her surface.  Smith's perspective and style works especially well with the cold, rugged Irish coastline.  Dark Side of the Lens is a short on his experiences as a photographer in a dangerous yet calming environment and why he chooses to get up every morning.

  If you dig this watch the half hour short film, Powers of Three, that was shot during the Dark Side months.  Powers is a powerful convergence of man and nature, "a group portrait of human camaraderie and togetherness cast against the stark beauty of Ireland’s jagged coast."

Friday, May 13

Happy Friday

Happy Friday, folks.  You don't get too many 69 and sunny days in western Oregon so today a group of us will be jetting early from work, snagging some trail mix and climbing the hillside above (Hamilton Mountain).

I have setup an elaborate soundsystem in the forest so every hundred yards their is a new speaker with this playing:

Robin Pecknold - Derwenwater Stones
and this

You can download the rest of Pecknold's solo 3 song EP here for FREE.

Thursday, May 12


I was going to say this was perfect for a sticky, hot afternoon walking the city streets where you randomly see an ice cream truck and decide it's been too long since you've had one of those snowcones with the gumball at the bottom.
   I was going to say that... until I read this:
This video contains footage from the upcoming documentary by Village Beat titled Tough Bond — a film about kids sniffing glue to survive street life in Kenya’s disappearing villages and exploding urban slums.
Original documentary score was provided by Shabazz Palaces
Learn more about the film and cause at Village
                      -Sub Pop
And if I'm on a Shabazz Palaces kick then I might as well post his Belhaven Meridian video.
An allegorical short film/music video beautifully shot on 35mm black & white film in Watts, Los Angeles, "Belhaven Meridian" is a one-shot homage to Charles Burnett's 1977 classic KILLER OF SHEEP.

Monday, May 9

Saturday Morning Mix


This word comes to mind when listening to this fantastic new mix from Brooklyn duo, Worst Friends (aka Slowhands and Tom Croose).  They seem like friendly guys that know how to have fun.

Slow-disco, folk, hypnotic vocals.  You're in for a chill yet loosey goosey hour.  I can't talk about it too much or I will spoil some of the moments, but I recommend the remix of Vetiver at 11 minutes.

Check out ISO50 to skip around in the mix or head to Autobrennt to download it directly.

Friday, May 6

Things Falling Into Place.

image Lord Huron

"He who knows he has enough is rich" - Lao-tzu

No matter how stressful things may get or how bleak the future may look, there is always an opportunity to take a step back and look at the big picture.  For most of us, we have a roof to sleep under, enough food and water to survive, money in our pocket for a drink or two and good friends.  This has been a good week for me.  Various projects at work fell into place all on one day and the sun looks like it is finally here to stay in Oregon.  If this isn't your week, cheer up, take a breather.  There is always next week.

Have a great weekend.

1. Patrick Lee - Southern Cars (Golden Hour, 2001)
    Patrick Lee is the man.  All of his albums are up for pay what you want.
2. Lord Huron - Mighty (Mighty EP, 2010)
    This is going to make it on my upcoming Mountain Driving Mix for sure.  "Animal Collective
     meets Fleet Foxes.  Thanks to Tadhg. More tracks available for download here.
3. Ben Benjamin - Finding the Perfect Egg (For Long Drives and Temporary Diversions, 2011)
    The original inspiration for this mix.  Easy going with a moody theme.  From the frontman of
     Midwest Product.
4. Perpetual Groove - I Know What I Know (Live at the Highline Ballroom, New York, NY 2008)
     Yeah, I know it doesn't fit.  And just because this is one of my mom's favorite jams does not mean
     that it isn't a good song.
5. Lusine - Operation Costs (A Certain Distance, 2009)
    This song was playing over the weekend in a park in Seattle where they had this huge water
    fountain.  It is quite the experience to be in a city known for perpetual dreary weather when it gets
    its first 70 degree day.  Everyone has a smile on their face.
6. Patrick Lee - Sara (Out Cold, 2000)
    Simple, but I like it.

Tuesday, May 3

My Kind of Party

image: Noel

There are very few DJs out there that get to play exactly what they want at a party.  Fans will want to hear the song that made you famous or a specific sound.  This makes sense from a party goers perspective, but sometimes I think the audience needs to put trust in the DJ and believe that he will provide a good (and fresh) time if they would just stop yelling for more Deadmau5.  That is not to pick on Deadmau5, but there is so much good music out there it would be a crime to revert back to the easy choice.
  And so I created a mix that I feel fits the essentials of a party into one jampacked hour of gumball funk sleekness.  It is an uncompromising mix of tunes that fit my version of the perfect party: equal parts fun, dancing, weirdness and edge.  These songs are still popular, but I doubt your average partygoer would request them... yet.

I (roughly) mixed them myself in case you wanted to download them.
Or play them by track in the playlist player.

My Kind of Party Mix by SNDTRKDLFE

1. Willie Graff & Tuccillo - Give You Up (Give You Up, 2010)
     Willie has been a resident DJ at Cielo for years and every time I've seen him play, he hits
       the mark.   Genius intro and trippy funk guitar.
2. Adam Port, Sante - Own (Own EP, 2010)
    This was my pregame jam last year.  So fun.
3. Baltimora - Tarzan Boy (Living in the Background, 1985)
    First started listening to this after rewatching Beverly Hill Ninja for the 10th time, but now
      I legitimately enjoy it.
4. The Pleb - One for Senegal (African Groove, 2003)
5. Siriusmo - Blaue Sonne (The Plasterer of Love, 2010)
     That sunshine funk.
6. Andreas Hennenberg & Simon2 - Bolingo Gringo (It Began in Africa, 2010)
    Featured on It Began In Africa, a fundraiser album for the African Children's Choir.
    Sampling  native vocals into a tech-house tune works perfectly here.
7. Moby - I Love to Move in Here (Last Night, 2008)
    As first seen in Two Lovers.
8. La Fleur - Flowerhead (Flowerhead EP, 2011)
9. Azari & Ill - Reckless With Your Love (Tensnake Remix) (2010)
    Yes, that is C&C Music Factory you're hearing.
10. Maya Jane Coles - What They Say (What They Say 12", 2010)
    Rounding it out with a slick and slightly creepy outro to signal the end of the party.  Grab some
    pizza and stumble home.

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