Wednesday, July 24

It's Summer Y'all

Here's some breezy tunes for a do-nothing weekend.
  1. Chilly Gonzalez - Kenaston
  2. White Denim - River to Consider
  3. Foxygen - No Destruction
    Started out as a joke band - then they got good... like really good.
  4. Generationals - Put a Light On
    You've heard it by now, but it's still worth a listen.
  5. Toro y Moi - Rose Quartz
    The best song off of TM's latest album. A real creeper.
  6. Airbird & Napolian - In the Zone
  7. Tourist - Your Girl
    This kid has serious talent.
  8. Gabrielle Aplin - Home (umami & Alle Farben Remix)
    We're not there yet, but we'll get there.
  9. Tanlines - Yes Way
  10. Andrew Ashong - Flowers 
    Big weekend morning jam.
  11. Au - RR vs. D.
    Nonsensical vibe + upbeat bells = summer jam
  12. Mark Maguire - Get Lost


image: mason_mashon on instagram

Friday, February 15

Say No to the Keystone XL Pipeline

There is so much to be said about the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, but at the end of the day it comes down to the idea of justice.  Justice, because the companies that stand to profit from the project are destroying our climate and that of our children in the process.  Fast Company just posted an article that listed the Alberta Tar Sands as one of the 14 Carbon Bomb projects, that if exploited, would lead to disastrous long-term temperature increases.  Even the Dalai Lama and Nobel Peace Laureates are against this thing.

Yes, we use oil everyday. But stopping the Keystone XL is a crucial first step to creating a safe future for all of us.  It will send a strong signal to oil, coal, and gas companies around the world that people are pissed off at their reckless strong-arming of our energy policy and are prepared to take true action that will cure us of our fossil fuel addiction.  We are already capable of doing this through existing renewable energy technologies and smart energy efficiency policies.  And if it's jobs you're worried about - research from Cornell shows that the project would "kill more jobs than it creates by reducing investment in the clean energy economy."

On Sunday thousands of people will convene on Washington D.C. for the largest climate rally in this nation’s history.  I’m going, because this is one of those moments where we, as everyday citizens, have power.  By showing up in massive numbers, the media will take notice and that will give Obama and the State Department license to reject the pipeline.  This could actually work, people.

The Sierra Club is arranging for free buses and cars to take people from all over the country.  You should consider going. You won’t be alone.

Here are some tunes that try to put this exciting moment in history into perspective.  I imagine masses of people of all ages marching around the White House in slow motion, with no sound, but this music.  Then there would be cuts to shots of tar sands extraction and oil executives watching the protest on the news.

These are two runner's up:

And here are some reliable links that will explain the situation:

Coverage of previous pipeline oil spills:

image: NYTimes

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