Tuesday, June 21

The National Park Project

"In 1911 Parks Canada was founded, becoming the first National Park Service in the world.  On the eve of it's centennial Canada's finest artists embarked on a historic expedition to capture the majesty of the landscape in music and film."
The National Parks Project is a collaboration between 39 of Canada's best musicians, 13 of it's finest filmmakers and 13 National Parks.  The artists traveled to their chosen park and recorded the score on location.
   The result is a great EP about the "magic, menace and meaning of the Canadian landscape."  Tony Dekker of Great Lake Swimmers would be my favorite musician in the lineup but there are others: Old Man Luedecke, Daniela Gesundheit (Snowblink), Sebastien Grainger, Jennifer Castle & Dan Werb (Woodhands).  You can "tour" each park and stream the EP on NPP's beautiful website.  Planet Earth fans rejoice.  All of the profits go to the Nature Conservancy of Canada that works to preserve Canada's diverse landscapes.

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