Tuesday, May 24

Mickey Smith

What do you think it is about the ocean that is so inspiring?

"That it is in perpetual motion,with a constant flow of energy moving through it,and has so many moods and faces.  It's a positive environment for me,it clears my head and heart."
                                                                                                       -Mickey Smith
Mickey Smith is a British surf photographer with a soul that is capable of capturing the beauty and fierceness of the ocean while showcasing how minute a few surfers are on the corner of her surface.  Smith's perspective and style works especially well with the cold, rugged Irish coastline.  Dark Side of the Lens is a short on his experiences as a photographer in a dangerous yet calming environment and why he chooses to get up every morning.

  If you dig this watch the half hour short film, Powers of Three, that was shot during the Dark Side months.  Powers is a powerful convergence of man and nature, "a group portrait of human camaraderie and togetherness cast against the stark beauty of Ireland’s jagged coast."

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