Tuesday, August 2

Get Weird

Occasionally there is a need to bust out some stupid dance moves. 
When that time comes you need stupid music to dance to.  
This is that music.

So put on your Daniel Boone hat, cape and bowling shoes and lets get to this.
Inspired by
The dancing in Stop Making Sense
The fan dance move that Phil Collins does here at 1:25
Moving Like Bernie
any music video from the tracks below

  1. Shannon - Let the Music Play (The Best of Shannon, 2004)
    Well, no use beating around the bush. Might as well get this started...
  2. Tensnake - Get It Right (Get It Right, 2010)
    It was a mistake to listen to this on the plane.  I was shaking the seat in front of me and leading conga lines down the aisle.
  3. Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait (Poolside, 1986)
    I always imagine the synth player when I listen to this.  He isn't jamming nearly hard enough.
  4. Toro y Moi - New Beat (Underneath the Pine, 2011)
    The weird is most definitely catching on these days.
  5. Madonna - Holiday (Madonna, 1983)
  6. B.B. & Q. Band - Imagination (Imagination 12", 1982)
  7. Daft Punk - Short Circuit (Discovery, 2001)
  8. Fantasy - Move to the Groove (He's Number One, 1985)
  9. Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better (Dream Into Action, 1985)
    Like really?  Sometimes I feel like people were asleep at the wheel in the 80s.  The video is ridiculous too.  The piano jam at 2:40 is money.  Almost as money as his orange suit.
  10. Banarama - Cruel Summer (Banarama, 1984)
  11. Polygon Palace - Tokyo Getaway (Tornado Wallace Remix) (Tokyo Getaway, 2010)
    Can't get enough of this one.  Head to Polygon Palace's bandcamp page to name your price.  Thanks to Headup for this.
  12. The Funkmasters - It's Over (It's Over, 1983)
    Tensnake samples this in In the End

Get Weird Mix by SNDTRKDLFE
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