Thursday, June 23

Summer Afternoon Mix

Here are some tunes to throw on while you tidy up the apartment, wash the car and have a
summer seasonal.  It's full of acoustic guitars, choir-like harmonies and carefree sentiments.

  1. Beach HouseZebra (Teen Dream , 2010)
  2. Dolphins Galaxy Train (Galaxy Train EP, 2011)
    Australian surf rock. Nice!
  3. Jacuzzi BoysBricks or Coconuts  (Bricks or Coconuts 7”, 2010)
    I jumped the gun and put this on a mix for friends during the winter, but it didn't really go well with the below 40 temperatures.
  4. M. WardGet to the Table On Time (The Transfiguration of Vincent, 2003)
  5. Vetiver - Everyday (Tight Knight, 2009)
    Tight Knit is one of my favorite albums ever.  It reminds me of driving to different surf spots at the Jersey Shore in our '83 Mercedes wagon.
  6. De La SoulEye Know (Three Feet and Rising, 1989)
    Sampling Steely Dan, Sly & The Family Stone and Otis Redding in one song is ok with me.
  7. Oregon Bike TrailsHigh School Lover (High School Lover, 2011)
    Keeping my eye on this kid.  Buy it for a buck here.
  8. Vetiver - Can't You Tell (Errant Charm, 2011)
    Released last week.
  9. James Yorkston - Someplace Simple (Someplace Simple EP, 2003)
  10. Washed OutEyes Be Closed (Within and Without, 2011)
    I don't hold my breath for follow up efforts from acts like Washed Out because their first albums tend to be their most genuine but his new album is seriously impressive.  Perfect for driving at sunset. Free download (via SubPop)
  11. SubskrptWe’ll Be Fine (Throwing Stones EP, 2010)
  12. The O'Jay's - Use To Be My Girl (The Essential O'Jay's , 2005)
    And now for a completely different type of feel good dance music... If this doesn't get you to move then you might not have a soul.
  13. The Sea & CakeEveryday (Oui, 2000)
    Proper acknowledgement goes to the Lost Art of the Mixtape for some recommendations.

image: hasisi park

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