Monday, March 28

Phish Japan Earthquake Relief

"In response to the recent earthquake and tsunami that the northeastern part of this country has endured, we are releasing a download at to benefit Peace Winds America. 100% of the funds they collect for disaster relief will go to support operations through their sister organization, Peace Winds Japan. Relief operations began March 15th and are currently underway in Miuyagi Prefecture, where Peace Winds is on the ground providing food, clothing, medicines and temporary shelter to survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami." 

The release chosen for the benefit is 7.31.1999 which was Phish's first ever run in Japan.  In the spirit of the Land of Rising Sun I have included the song that has possibly my all-time favorite Trey lick.  The track in question is the quiet, tempered Twist from Fukuoka.  The jam eventually reaches a very gentle, ambient place that reminds me of mist on a cool, early morning. You have to listen to the whole song to get the full effect, but as Phish ebb and flow through a spiritual journey Trey gradually pulls them back to the outro.  At exactly 16:26 Trey places this little badass rock lick that just says "Yeah, we just did 10 minutes of ambient jamming and now we could go into Led Zeppelin if we wanted to."

At this point I'm usually gripping the steering wheel so hard I consider purchasing a pair of gloves.

Phish - Twist (June 14, 2000 - Fukuoka, Japan) [18 min.] I had to post the AUD, because the SBD is copyrighted.  Kind of sounds better actually since the room was so small.

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