Thursday, March 1

Happy Friday

Here's just a couple feel good tunes to remind us all to not take ourselves too seriously.
Have a good weekend everyone!

  1. Tanlines - Reinfo
    I couldn't wait until summer to post this.  A fan just sent this video to the band and they turned it into their official video.  Sound like nice guys.
  2. Tourist - Placid Lake
    What a great kickstart to a weekend.  You're feeling a little tired, a little beaten down from the work week and then BAM you remember how fun weekends can be.
  3. Faith Evans - Love Like This Before (B+S Edit)
    I don't find something like this too often.  It has some real rhythmic attitude, but gels perfectly with dance vocals.  This is more than an choppyy edit.  This is a whole new song. Nice work.
  4. Todd Terje - Inspector Norse
    A clever use of the bounce.
  5. Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime (Moplen Remix)
    Just for fun.
    image: sezio

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