Tuesday, April 26

The Long Run.

image: Luciano

Marco Carola - Resident Advisor Podcast 252 (April '11)

I get a kick out of listening to laid back house and tech-house dj tracks when I'm on a relaxed jog.  The type of dance music that doesn't make it to the top of the mainstream charts is heavy on the groove rather than lyrics, gimmicks or tempo changes every two seconds.  Tracks by themselves may seem simple and stripped down, but in the hands of a good dj they can be expertly placed and instruments can be muted or distorted so that the overall tension is stretched out over the entire set with subtle yet meticulous changes in the flow. 
   The rhythm is always there and the occasional peaks and valleys keep you intrigued.  And this is why it can be great when set to a long run.  When you're on a long run you're not really in a rush, but rather trying to cover mileage so the mindset is very similar to a dj set: warmup, set the pace and provide a peak here and there to make sure you keep up, but don't play the latest Gaga, because the goal is endurance not speed.

That brings us to Mr. Carola.  This is one of the better and more accessible Resident Advisor podcasts that I have heard.  Carola is a globe-trotting, superstar dj from Napoli.  Go here if you want to skip around in the mix. I didn't spend the time to figure out which tracks these were, but some highlights are at minutes 13, 18, 35, 53 and 1:00.  At minute 35 especially the groove fits liiiiiike a glove.

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