Monday, April 25

Stay In School Sidebar.

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“Education is a continuous process ending only when ambition comes to a halt.”
-Col. R.I. Rees

You may have noticed that I added a sidebar with links to news articles.  This is not a way to force my worldview down unsuspecting music lovers' throats, but rather a reminder that music is not the most important thing in this world.  The point of this blog was never meant to experience music in isolation, but rather a medium through which music can be experienced as a way to process and communicate with the world around us - however scary it may get. 
   I have limited the bar to a few choice selections that I see as required reading to get some sort of grasp on current global events.  So feel free to look through the articles (maybe while you listen to the tunes on here) and suggest others that I should know about.   

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