Friday, June 29

Lost in Summer

This is a reserved summery-slowjam playlist that goes well
with mornings, latenight bonfires, and a cerveza. 

Sorry for the lack of blog activity. 
Who would’ve thought your free time becomes
limited once you land a real job??

  1. Brian Briggs – Aeo (Pts 1 and 2)
    Welcome to what is quite possible the best morning song: it creeps in gently, it is light and fun-loving, it has a repetitive rhythm… it makes you coffee.
  2. Patrick Lee – Hovercraft Song 
    Just uncovered this older Patrick Lee jam.
      Some of his hip-hop pieces are too glitchy for me. He is best when he keeps it straightforward and simple.  This is the getting out of work on payday jam.
  3. Sorcerer – Cobra Coven
    Taking it back to Miami.
  4. Sandro Perri – Changes
    wins the award for the most unexpected song twist.  The chromatic breakdown in the middle surprisingly doesn’t sound out of place.  Thanks to Jack for the suggestion.
  5. Umberto Tozzi – Dummi Di No (Nassau Poste80 Edit)
    If I ever
    landed a sweet job in the 80’s I would put this on as I exited the elevator.
  6. Steely Dan – Peg
    Couldn’t resist…
  7.  Sailcat – Motorcyle Mama
    You can’t listen to this without clearing the sweat off your brow with a cold
  8. The War on Drugs – Taking the Farm
    TWOD are the band of the year for me (although technically Slave Ambient came out in 2011).
      You could argue that a lot of their songs sound the same, but I love that sound.  As Johnny put it, “It’s like driving a red convertible in the desert while smoking a cigarette.”
  9. Marco Benevento – You Must Be a Lion
    Sorry to bring you down, but I have been wanting to post this track for awhile now.
      Something about it reminds me of the feeling you get when you know you are growing up.  The outro is incredible.  By the way he is playing a free show at the City Winery on July 10th if anyone is interested.
  10. AA Bondy – No Man Shall
    AA Bondy used to front a punk band. His most recent work is all acoustic, but no less punk in spirit.
      Really great for night walks. 
  11. The Books – There Is No There
    If I had any say I would’ve picked this song for this
    Oregon timelapse video – especially for the night sequences.
  12. Damian Jurado – Cloudy Shoes
    Big thanks to BK for introducing me to Damian Jurado through this
    Berrics skate video.  Can music get any more introspective?
  13. Jeff Tweedy – Sunken Treasure (live)
    Just give it a listen – preferably with no one else around.
      Thanks to Hazlett for recommending the Live in the Pacific Northwest album, which is fantastic.

image: Oh Pioneer

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