Tuesday, September 18

Getting It Right

This is for those times when you come home from work, throw your keys on the table
and know you've just put in a good days work.  It is full of front porch guitar, positive rock, and retrospective folk.  This is not the mix you put on when you build the log cabin.
This is the mix you put on when you want to remember building it.

Keep it simple, friends.

  1. Leo Kottke - Part Two
  2. Tallest Man On Earth - Troubles Will Be Gone
  3. The Head and the Heart - Lost in My Mind
    Can't argue with these harmonies.
  4. Alt-J - Something Good
  5. Here We Go Magic - How Do I Know
    Try listening to this while walking down the street without smiling.
  6. ALO - Blew Out the Walls
    Those big chords in the middle will shake up your day.
  7. Broken Social Scene - Meet Me in the Basement
  8. Megafaun - Heretofore
  9. Jack Johnson - Enemy (Worst Friends Light Leak Remix)
  10. John Renbourn - I Know My Babe
  11. Mark-Almond - Friends

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